Ur-LOVE Letter Performance and Video Project

BECOME PART of the Ur-LOVE Letter Video PeroProject

The customers are walk-ins and/or customers who made an appointment to create together with the artist Andrea Haenggi their personalized video love letter in the length of 3 minutes. It takes 20 minutes to an half hour to create a personalized love letter for and with them. The customer desire, the urban environment with it’s street car repair workers and 1067 PacificPeople indoor location becomes the film set and inspiration. The place is at 1067 Pacific Street in Crown Height on a street where the industrialized car repair workers get more and more pushed out because of real estate values. At the end of their time together, the customer can take their personalized video love letter home and as well becomes part of artist Andrea Haenggi’s  Ur-Love Letter Video Project.To see some of the love letter videos please go to https://vimeo.com/channels/urloveletter

To create your own personalized love video letter -> Make an appointment with artist andrea haenggi 1067pacificpeople@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 8.56.31 AM

To gather the material we use each participants personal issue and desires, everyday objects, the iPhone, and the kinesthetic expression of the body and voice to seek alternative models for thinking and being.

They are directed, filmed and choreographed by Andrea Haenggi on an iphone in one take in collaboration with the participants dealing with desires and “issues” such as body image, gender, equality sex, violence.. with the intent to create an epic video ur-love video letter for the world.

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