Facilitated by andrea haenggi and rotating guest facilitators including Jill Sigman, Lorene Bouboushian and Iele Paloumpis

November 22nd is facilitated by Jill Sigman

2:00pm- 5:00pm
Monthly on the forth Tuesday of the month
October 25, 2016 – May 23, 2017
Suggested Donation $10

1067 PacificPeople
1067 Pacific Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Every 4th Tuesday of the month, the dance floor of the sanctuary of weedy species at 1067 PacificPeople becomes a learning lab for cross-pollinate weedy practices. The two and half hours is organized where one hour is a class facilitated by a rotating roster of Weed Facilitators and follows by an open score jam. All movement levels are welcome.

The Collective Weed Improvisation celebrates the idea of By By By Utopia to explore collective situations to improvise and play, movement as potential for healing and constructing social sculptures with humans and urban wild plants, we call weeds. We will begin by “planting” together.

Important Note: Stay from start to finish. Facilitated by andrea haenggi and rotating guest facilitators including Jill Sigman, Lorene Bouboushian, Iele Paloumpis and TBA artists facilitators

October 25, November 22, December 20, January 24, February 28, March 28, April 25, May 23




‘when it comes to political anxiety, your gesture is your strongest vote’

Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 22/23, 29/30 & Nov. 5/6
1:00pm – 7:00pm
1067 PacificPeople (1067 Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn)

an experiment in contemporary dance and economics with artist/sellers andrea haenggi, Robert Neuwirth, Carrie Ahern and additionally, the fall political collection involves five specially invited artist/sellers: Beau B Baco, Lorene Bouboushian, Maré Hieronimus, Allison Sylvia and Fatimah White.

The Pop Up Gesture Store, a radical and different “dancing” store debuts its fall collection — Where do I end and where do you begin — at the ‘anarchist j’ouvert laboratory’ at 1067 PacificPeople in Brooklyn. The store is a retail experience that probes, investigates, heightens and/or palliates people’s exhaustion, frustration and anxiety in this political season through dance, movement and words.

The gestures offered at the Pop Up Gesture Store create a caring social space and destroy all social hierarchy. Customers enter the Pop Up Gesture Store not to consume goods or purchase products but rather to partake of embodied experiences direct from artist/shopkeepers. Visitors to this “dancing” store select instantaneous live-performances (varying from approximately 3 minutes to 10 minutes in length) from a menu of gestures built on movement, touch, and words. Transactions are complete once patrons pay for their gesture by giving a comparable immaterial gesture back.

Each artist/seller offers their own performance gestures tailored to the political season. Among the questions the gestures engage are: Can bodily investment of caring help to challenge the existing social order? Can we expand caring beyond family towards a stranger while still operating within the craziness of the political season? What can we do together that we can’t do alone?

Opening on Oct 22, and concluding just two days before the November election, the Pop Up Gesture Store uses movement and the body to create emotional landscapes involving trust, risk, proximity, intimacy and vulnerability between buyer and seller. Together, the gestures ask if a retail outlet can spawn a political discourse in form of caring.



SEPT 3/4, 10/11 and 17/18 2:00 PM – 8: 00 PM
@ 1067 PacificPeople; 1067 Pacific Str., Brooklyn, NYC

The summer POP UP GESTURE STORE 2016 theme “We Won’t do it Without the Flesh”—set amidst the West Indian Carnival and riffing on the Joseph Beuys artwork “We Won’t do it Without the Rose, Because We Can No Longer Think” (1972)—lets flesh and fat shake, shine, be oily, and cool down, and asks such questions as: when does flesh becomes exotic, when does it threaten, can our bodies reach a fleshly existence we don’t know yet? Can it encourage the return of repressed creative energies? Could it become like a carnivalesque resistance sensibility: a carnivalesque body with its multi-sensorial encounters with humans and more-than-human-world to insist on the social function of the “store” as a potential gathering place.

Pop Up Gesture Store explores ideas of new transactional logics and creates a space in which strangers’ encounters unravel preconceptions of physical presence, connection, labor, idleness, and power relationships through the “dancing” body and its gesture economy.

Customers enter Pop Up Gesture Store not to consume goods and services but rather to partake of embodied experiences direct from artist-shopkeepers. Visitors to this “dancing” store select instantaneous live-performances (3′ to 10’in length) from a list of gestures built on movement, touch and words, paying in the store’s own “gesture” currency. Transactions are complete only once patrons reciprocate performances with their own immaterial gestures.

Creator, Seasonal Concept, Seller andrea haenggi
Artistic Advisor, Seller CARRIE AHERN
Philosophical Advisor, Seller ROBERT NEUWIRTH
and TBA artist guests
and with Guest Artists on Labor Day Weekend “The Idleness Labouritory”: MIKE DOUGLAS and JULIEANNA PRESTON