Plant,People and Place

Artemisia vulgaris, lead artist (community organizer)
Andrea Haenggi, lead artist
Collaborators (in alphabetic oder)
Carrie Ahern
Robert Neuwirth
Ellie Irons
Catherine Grau
Christopher Kennedy
Sylvain Flanagan
Beau Baco
Lorene Bouboushian
Mick Douglas
Catherine Grau
Christopher Kennedy
Jessica Harris
Maré Hieronimus
Emma Hogarth
Chad Lightbody/Honeychrome
Jill Sigman
Robert Neuwirth
Julienna Preston
Allison Sylvia
Polina Porras Sivolobova
Fatimah White
Moira Williams

One of the main question over this 5 -year mission was to come closer to the question How a 
 Weedy Society may could look like. It takes its inspiration from the living and being of wild urban plants we are often call Weeds (Weed: “A herbaceous plant not valued for use or beauty, growing wild and rank). How about we are taking “wild weedy plant thinking” as an in road to create new types of societies. The place will become a safe haven for humans and non-humans to allow for re-wilding and spontaneous urban being.  How about we really challenge deeply entrenched power through collective existence, not through the idea of retreats that is rooted in individualism but rooted in entanglement with individualism

The place has is a former car repair shop – the indoor is 550 square feet and the outdoor space is  1900 square feet in Crown Heights at 1067 Pacific Street in Brooklyn, NY.  The indoor space has a sprung floor, a yellow marley floor and a fireplace.

We have a skyline and a handcrafted sliding door


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