• to find LOVE in this contaminated urban feral landscape
  • if you enter the LAND of 1067 Pacific Street, you shape the artwork
  • the PLACE, 1067 Pacific Street, is the artwork itself
  • the artwork is the studio for Haenggi’s movement-based artist PRACTICE
  • to find an aesthetic in rawness and LABOR
  • in search of AGENCY for nonhuman life forms
  • to question VALUE in all its economic and philosophic meanings

1067 PacificPeople is a five-year social-ecological movement-based art project by artist and choreographer Andrea Haenggi in collaboration with writer Robert Neuwirth. In 2013 Haenggi and writer Robert Neuwirth signed a 5-year lease for 1067 Pacific Street, a former auto-repair garage with a 1900 Sq Ft vacant lot in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The socially and ecologically engaged research and performance artwork, with its many public encounters, turned from a rented garage and lot into an urban weeds ecosystem and as well into the co-founding of the artist collective Environmental Performance Agency (EPA) in March 2017.

Who are the collaborators of the five-year social-ecological movement-based art project 1067 PacificPeople
We are a group of people coming from Live-Performance, Dance, Investigating Journalism, Choreography, Philosophy, Somatics, Ecology, Art, Activism and the Art of the Practical. We are not an institution in the making, not a fundraising machine. We are a chimerical commons, a garage mirage for everyone seeking a break from the grind of money chasing money. We are a dream chasing a fantasy of true mutuality and inspiration. Our values are: the value of love, the value of friendship, the value of taking risk, the value of freedom of expression, the value of rawness, and we go beyond humans and believe the non-humans, such as urban wild plants, the weeds may can help us to find new forms of being together.

Brief History
1067 PacificPeople is a five-year social-ecological movement-based art project by artist, choreographer, dancer and performer andrea haenggi. In 2012 when Haneggi lost her 19 years live-work artist studio in Williamsburg because of real estate, she knew her next journey in New York was to figure out how to create a critical movement-based work to address the failure of the system and loss of our bodies, minds and souls. What do we value? Writer and journalist Robert Neuwirth supported her vision and together they signed a 5-year lease for the 2500 square foot garage/lot 1067 Pacific Street in Crown Heights. The 5-year journey began in January 2013. In 2014 choreographer Carrie Ahern became a very important part of the project through her artistically involvement through her support artistically and financial advice. In March 2017 the plant, Artemisia vulgaris (Mugwort) told Andrea Haenggi to become a collective to allow for grow. In June 2017, 1067 PacificPeople grow officially into the co-founding of the Environmental Performance Agency (EPA), an artist collective. The lease responsibility stayed with Andrea Haenggi and Robert Neuwirth until the end of the lease. The surrender of the key will be in January 22nd, 2018.