Who are “we”

Long Description:
1067 PacificPeople declares that the age of surveillance has not gone far enough. More surveillance, more seeing! more looking! more touching! more talking! We must and shall look at our selves through the transgressive stripping away of the corporatized, colonized, socialized body revealing what we are: feeling, thinking, vulnerable human beings. We move between the borders of “live-performance”, ”arts”, “politics” and “life.” We are seeking to free ourselves from the frameworks of those disciplines. In doing we aim to break such frameworks open to find the New Raw. Unprocessed. Not for sale.

Who are “we”
“We” comprise the visionary co-existing group 1067 PacificPeople. We are a group of people coming from Live-Performance, Writing, Dance, Philosophy, Choreography, Somatics, Film, Journalism, Ecology, Art, Activism and the Art of the Practical. We are not an institution in the making, not a fundraising machine. We are a chimerical commons, a garage mirage for everyone seeking a break from the grind of money chasing money. We are a dream chasing a fantasy of true mutuality and inspiration.We work sometimes together, but not always. We love to work as well with others. That is why we are an imaginary co-existing collective, or an open group.

We are an Encampment
1067 PacificPeople’s place is at 1067 Pacific in Crown Heights. It is a garage and a lot. It is 2500 square feet. We are allowed by law to have 240 people in it and required by conscience to make the best possible use of it in the time we have here. Sometimes we are an encampment of 240 citizens, sometimes a camp of a few people. We hold revolution in the palms of our hands and we extend them to you.

1067 PacificPeople is a 5-years body-based interdisciplinary art project by artist, choreographer and performer Andrea Haenggi. In 2012 when she lost her 19 years live- work studio in Williamsburg because of real estate, she knew her last journey in New York was to figure out how to create a critical body-based work to address the failure of the system and loss of our bodies, minds and souls. Writer and journalist Robert Neuwirth joined her and they signed a 5- year lease for a 2500 square foot garage/lot in Crown Heights. They invested their own saving for the first two years so the place could grow organically. The body-based live-interactions are aimed towards developing a critical body and finding the New Raw. In 2016 Haenggi and Neuwirth are  joined by Carrie Ahern and in 2015 they were joined with Carrie Ahern, Tuva Hildebrand and Christopher Moylan. Together we seek alternative models for thinking and being to find an ecological system that all artists, visitors and people in the encampment can find new modalities of exchanges, thinking, feeling and togetherness. Join us.